6 Facts About Valerian Essential Oil You Shouldn't Miss

 valerian oil for anxiety
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Due to the popularity of Valerian essential oil, the oil is widely available throughout the world, and more uses are being discovered over time. During the 1500's it was commonly used in relieving nervous disorders, headaches, and heart palpitations. It was also used in calming anxious people who lived in fear of air raids in England during the Second World War.

This essential oil is the perfect option for dealing with insomnia, restless legs, teeth grinding, and anxiety and stress. You will be able to get a good night's sleep, relieve menstrual cramps, and improve your skin. This oil has been used for hundreds of years medicinally. Ancient Greeks and Romans used it for treating insomnia and other conditions.

 valerian oil for anxiety

1It Can Relieve Anxiety And Depression

This is in a way related to the previous point on sleep disorders, but the essential oil has proved effective in improving the mood and reducing anxiety. The same mechanism responsible for healthy sleeping is the same that helps in reducing the negative energy and chemicals in the body that can induce stress and anxiety. These stress hormones are not good and can be dangerous when chronic in your body. Using the essential oil will go a long way in helping you rebalance your body and increasing your peace and calm.

You should practice valerian oil aromatherapy to relieve depression. Take one or two drops then put them in an infuser and let it run for thirty to sixty minutes at a time, and open the window afterward to let in fresh air. You can also add a few drops to a teaspoon of carrier oil then massage it to the bottom of your feet. You should remember that the oil has sedative effects, beware. You should be using it when you can rest and relax after the first couple of times so you can see how it affects you.

 what is valerian oil good for

2Used For Skin Care

When it comes to maintaining the health of your skin, topical or internal application of the oil can prove to be the best ally. This is because the oil can infuse the skin with a healthy blend of protective oil that helps in protecting it from the development of wrinkles.

The skin is not only responsible for the protection of the body from harmful environmental factors like cold, dampness, and sunlight, but it also protects from germs and other harmful substances. It has a vital role in the regulation of temperature. The skin is also important for picking sensory information; this is how you get to feel cold, heat, pressure, pain, and itchiness.

valerian essential oil benefits

3Boosting Cognitive Abilities

Many essential oils claim to have a positive effect on cognitive ability, has been used to boost the brain for hundreds of years. This is because it stimulates different areas of the brain and increasing circulations, stimulation of the pathways that keep the brain active and fresh. The root of the herb is commonly consumed by students and the elderly all over the world to increase their academic performance, protecting their memory and delaying cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

Dementia is a broad term used in describing various neurocognitive impairments, with Alzheimer's being the most common. It references to the gradual decline of brain functionality and ability to remember.

 valerian essential oil uses

4Alleviating Menstrual Cramps

Valerian essential oil has relaxing properties, and this has made it a good option for pregnancy and menstrual therapy for many years. The oil can help in reducing the severity and discomfort of menstrual cramps. This is a relief to many women who usually go through the discomfort and pain of menstrual cramps as well as pregnancy.

Take two to three drops of the oil and add on a teaspoon of carrier oil then massage it on the lower abdomen. The oil is anti-spasmodic that will help in calming your muscle and reducing cramping. It will also elevate your mood and relieve your stress, which is important for mood swings and irritability. Valerian aromatherapy is something you can consider for relief too, take a few drops and add it to warm bathing water.

valerian essential oil benefits

5Improving Your Stomach Health

When people get their stomach upset, they turn to pharmaceutical solutions, but it is always a good idea to go with natural solutions to treat gastrointestinal problems. Valerian essential oil can help in easing upset stomach and inducing healthy bowel movement and urination. This will help in the detoxification of the body and improve the absorption of nutrients, which will improve health in different ways.

Use the oil to improve digestion. This is because it has an anti-spasmodic effect on the stomach and digestive tract. The oil will relieve indigestion and stimulate your appetite. It will get your whole digestive tract to function properly, alleviate constipation, diarrhea, and even ulcers. You can do aromatherapy after eating or mixing a few drops of the oil into a carrier oil then massaging it into the abdominal area.

valerian essential oil benefits

6It Can Inhibit Heart Palpitations

This essential oil has been linked to a lower heart palpation occurrence in certain study subjects. The oil has volatile compounds that interact with the acids and fats in your heart. This results in the stimulation of a more normal metabolic rate that will calm down the erratic behavior of the cardiovascular system.

The oil can also help in stabilizing the rhythm of the heartbeat. Choose any of the treatment option to lower your blood pressure. This oil will not cause any reaction, but it is far much better to take a drop and put it on your skin then see if there is any irritation.

Valerian is a perennial flower that is native to parts of Europe and Asia, although you can find it grown in the United States today. Valeriana Officinalis is the scientific name, and even though there are over 250 different varieties of the plant, the medical applications and side effects are the same across the board. This plant was used as a fragrance over 500 years ago, but the benefits have been well-known for many centuries.

In fact, some people call the herb a "heal all," with the essential oil extracted from it offering a wide range of applications. There is some controversy when it comes to the effectiveness of the oil in treating certain conditions, but there are hundreds of years of experimental evidence that back up the benefits. Some pieces of scientific evidence have started to come up, and so far it is impressive and significant. Valerian essential oil contains alkaloids, terpenes, acids, and flavonols that can have a direct contribution to the side range of applications it can apply.

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