6 Benefits Of Valerian Essential Oil

valerian essential oil benefits
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 valerian essential oil uses

If you're in search of a remedy for insomnia, stress, or anxiety-induced teeth grinding, valerian essential oil is a great choice. When taken consistently, users can expect to enjoy a good nights sleep, clearer skin, and fewer menstrual cramps in women. This little-known remedy has actually been used for hundreds of years. It was especially popular among ancient Greeks and Romans in need of insomnia treatment.

It was also used to treat more complex issues involving the nervous system and the heart dating back to the 1500s. During WWII in England, anxious individuals used it to deal with anxiety caused by air raids that were a common occurrence at the time. The relaxing properties of valerian essential oil have been documented via 30 years of clinical research.

 valerian essential oil for sleep

1Stomach Health

Most people suffering from stomach ailments run to the drug store for a solution, but natural solutions are often a better alternative. Valerian essential oil has been documented to be quite effective at dealing with upset stomachs. It also encourages healthy and regular bowel movements. By encouraging more bowel movements, toxins are removed from the body at a higher rate, which results in nutrients being better absorbed by the body.

Valerian essential oil also helps to improve digestion. It does this via an anti-spasmodic effect that targets your stomach and your digestive tract. It also aids this process by providing indigestion relief as well as stimulating your appetite. By working in combination with these effects and many others, it causes your entire digestive tract to function more efficiently, which helps to reduce stomach issues like constipation and ulcers. It can be taken via aromatherapy, preferably after eating, or it can be massaged into your stomach area when combined with a carrier oil.

 valerian essential oil for sleep

2Cognitive Enhancement

Valerian essential oil has been touted as a brain booster for hundreds of years, and unlike many other essential oils, it actually provides a stimulating effect on the brain which causes an increase in brain circulation. This then results in your brain being more active and clearer. Instead of turning to pharmaceuticals, students and the elderly worldwide turn to valerian essential oil instead, to improve their memory capabilities and reduce the effects of cognitive disorders like dementia.

Dementia actually refers to a wide range of cognitive issues, with Alzheimer's being the one most people are familiar with. Basically, those suffering from dementia-related ailments do so because their brains slowly lose the ability to function properly over time. Eventually, sufferers of this horrible ailment will be unable to take care of themselves.

 what is valerian essential oil good for

3No More Teeth Clenching And Grinding

It sounds weird, but you can put an end to teeth grinding while you sleep by rubbing valerian essential oil on the bottom of your feet. Just combine several drops of the valerian essential oil with a carrier oil. Then thoroughly rub it into the bottom of your feet. For best results, this should be done 2 hours before bedtime.

For a carrier oil, argan is one of the best because it is so easily absorbed into the skin. To further improve your results, try rubbing it on your jaw and upper neck area as well. You can also try adding in a few drops of lavender oil which will help you relax.

 what is valerian essential oil good for

4Decrease Anxiety And Depression

Valerian essential oil has also been shown to be quite effective at improving one's mood and anxiety reduction. It does so through the same mechanism that encourages users to sleep better via a reduction in the type of negative energy that often results in increased stress levels. When used properly and consistently, valerian essential oil will rebalance your body to a state where anxiety and stress are things of the past.

To reduce depression, practice aromatherapy using valerian essential oil. It only takes a couple of drugs in your diffuser for no more than an hour. After your session, open a window for some fresh air, or maybe take a walk outside. As mentioned earlier, it can also be rubbed into the bottoms of your feet. However, valerian essential oil's calming properties are quite powerful, so you should proceed with caution firstly to see how you will be affected.

 what is valerian essential oil good for

5Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Long before the scientific community came along, valerian essential oil was used by women to address the discomfort that accompanies pregnancy and menstrual cramps. When used as instructed, it is quite effective at reducing the severity of menstrual cramps. Even with the medicines available today, many women choose to use the valerian essential oil as their menstrual cramp reliever of choice.

To help reduce menstrual cramps, simply mix a few drops with a teaspoon of carrier oil, then rub it into your stomach area. This will help relieve your cramps because of the anti-spasmodic effect it has on your stomach muscles. As a welcome side benefit, it also provides the stress-relieving effect as well, which can affect mood swings women often suffer from during this time. Add a few drops into your diffuser at bedtime for additional relief, or add a few drops to your bath for a soothing bath time experience.

 valerian essential oil uses

6Blood Pressure Regulation

The calming and stress-reducing effects of valerian essential oil can also have an impact on your blood pressure. The dangers of high blood pressure are well known, so anything that can safely aid in the reduction of high blood pressure is a welcome benefit. If you're one of those folks who suffer from stress-induced high blood pressure, valerian essential oil can help.

By taking valerian essential oil as directed, you can lower your BP levels safely. Because it has a dilating effect on your coronary system, your heart will work better while lowering your blood pressure at the same time. Put it on the bottom of your feet as mentioned earlier, use valerian essential oil aromatherapy multiple times each day, or even take valerian essential oil capsules.

Research scientists have discovered that the calming effect of valerian essential oil is caused by the sesquiterpenes, valerone, and valeric acid found within the oil. Because of these properties, researchers from Germany have concluded that valerian is quite effective at addressing many of the body's needs. The fragrance expressed by valerian oil is calming to the body and mind.

But some people may find the musty aroma quite off-putting despite the obvious benefits it provides. Animals, on the other hand, seem to love it, and it is often beneficial to them as well. So, if you need a little relaxation and a calming influence, you should start practicing valerian essential oil therapy as soon as possible.

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