6 Health Benefits Of Valerian Essential Oil

 what is valerian oil good for
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 valerian oil for anxiety

Valerian root was used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Ancient Greeks and Romans used it to help with insomnia. Valerian is a perennial plant that draws its origins in some parts of Asia and Europe, but now it also grows in the United States. This plant, known by its scientific name of Valeriana officinalis, counts over 250 varieties, all of them featuring the same medical benefits and side effects.

Valerian started to be used as a fragrance about 500 years ago; however, its medicinal properties have also been known for many centuries. Some people even believe in the holistic healing powers of this plant, the essential oil extracted from it is being used for multiple medicinal applications. While some of the effects of valerian essential oil or root are controversial, many of the natural health benefits of this plant are supported by solid facts and scientific evidence that has been accumulated over many decades throughout the history.

 what is valerian essential oil good for

1Heart Palpitations Alleviation And Prevention

According to several studies, the administration of valerian essential oil is directly linked to a decrease in heart palpitations occurrences in some patients. Apparently, the volatile substances in this oil are able to interact with substances in your heart. This interaction has a soothing effect on the cardiovascular system and regulates the metabolic rate of your body.

Valerian essential oil also acts as a regulator of the rhythm of your heartbeat. The treatment options are similar to the ones for hypertension. Although there aren't any known adverse reactions of this oil, you should test it by applying a drop on your skin and waiting for a few hours to see if any irritation occurs.

 what is valerian essential oil good for

2Viruses And Bacteria Killer

You can use valerian oil as it is or in another essential oil blend to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading on your skin, and for maintaining a good moisturizing level of your epidermis. The natural antibacterial properties of this oil will help in keeping your skin in good health. Argan oil is one of the best carrier oils to serve this purpose.

Pour a few drops of essential valerian oil in a small amount of another oil of your choice, and apply it as a protective layer on your wounds, burns, sores, or cuts. The antibacterial properties of this oil will prevent the infection from spreading, while also speeding up the healing process. Clean your wound with care before applying the oil. After application, cover your wound with a bandage.

 valerian essential oil uses

3Blood Pressure Regulator

The same active compounds in valerian root that alleviate stress and anxiety are responsible for regulating the blood pressure. Hypertension can put an additional strain on the cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Oral administration of valerian oil can regulate blood pressure and therefore reduce these health risks.

Use valerian essential oil treatments to lower your blood pressure. This oil acts by dilating your coronary arteries, and therefore improving the health of your heart and its normal functioning, the main effect of this action is the lowering of your blood pressure. You can also try valerian aromatherapy several times a day and evening feet rubs with valerian oil, along with the valerian essential oil capsules treatment.

 what is valerian essential oil good for

4Cognitive Abilities Enhancer

Although many herbs and essential oils are renowned for their positive influence on cognitive abilities, valerian oil has been known as the most effective brain booster for centuries. By increasing the blood circulation, this oil helps in stimulating various areas of the brain, enabling us to stay active, fresh, and focused. Elderly people and students from all over the world use valerian root to increase their cognitive abilities, to fight memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's disease, or to boost their academic performance.

Dementia is a term that includes multiple neurocognitive impairments, Alzheimer's disease being perhaps the most famous of them. This term refers to the gradual decline of the brain that results in memory loss and impairments in functionality. The onset of this disease is extremely slow, gradually progressing until it renders the patient unable to take care of themselves.

 valerian oil for anxiety

5Menstrual Pains And Cramps Alleviation

The soothing properties of valerian essential oil have made it such an appreciated remedy in pregnancy and menstrual therapies. It has the power to alleviate menstrual cramps, making them less frequent and more bearable. This is something many women are thankful for, as they have to put up with menstruation cramps, pregnancy discomfort, and pain.

Add a few drops of valerian oil into a larger amount of carrier oil, and use it to massage your abdomen to alleviate your menstrual cramps. The anti-spasmodic properties of this oil will help your muscles relax, thus reducing your cramps. Thanks to the mood-enhancing properties of valerian oil, you're also going to feel more upbeat and less irritable. You can also try valerian aromatherapy before bedtime, or add a few drops to your bath every now and then.

 what is valerian essential oil good for

6Sleep Disorder Therapy

One of the most studied and well-known benefits of valerian essential oil is the ability to prevent and heal insomnia, and help us sleep better. The active compounds in this essential oil work together to regulate the natural release of hormones in the human body, thus stimulating a good night rest. This has been the main reason why people used valerian root since ages.

Sleep plays a vital role in normal functioning as living beings. Our organs and bodily systems need to rest and recover to heal and build up the energy we need to perform our duties. The simple fact of being alive can deplete us of vital energy, and sleep is the natural mechanism our body uses to recover from stress and recharge its batteries. Unfortunately, sometimes insomnia prevents us from getting this rest our body needs so much.

Valerian essential oil is an effective remedy against insomnia and teeth grinding, as well as against stress and anxiety. It will help you enjoy a good night sleep, while also helping your skin look better and healing your menstrual cramps. The medicinal use of this oil dates back to centuries ago. Ancient Greeks and Romans knew it and used it to get rid of insomnia among other things.

Valerian oil distilled from the root of the plant has been around for hundreds of years. During the last 30 years, its relaxing properties have been the subject of many clinical studies. Researchers have evidenced valerone, valeric acid, and other active compounds in this root as having a soothing and therapeutic effect on the central nervous system. According to German health authorities, valerian is excellent support for all needs of your body.

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